Trean Group provides professional clearing, execution, consulting and brokerage services for proprietary traders, professional trading groups, institutional clients, and individual traders.

Our Mission

Trean Group is a specialized derivatives firm committed to providing expertise in every aspect of the trade process.  Our mission is to provide the highest standards of integrity and professionalism from introduction and trade advisory through clearing services, trade execution and brokerage.  Our team of industry experts are driven to know and understand our diverse client base and provide total support to develop a long-term relationship.

Origin of the Trean Name

The word Trean is Gaelic for strength. This is what we bring to the futures industry and our clients. Having witnessed the meltdown of the financial markets during the Crisis, and the evolving paradigm, which followed. We believe in uncertain times futures clients need security, consistency and transparency while remaining flexible to the ever-changing financial landscape.

Our Story

Trean Group was founded in 2010, but the seeds of the dream were planted much earlier. Even before the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, three market veterans, Nancy Stubenrauch, Peter Kosanovich and Stephen French, foresaw the need for a better model in futures’ clearing and execution services, knowing together they could provide a more cohesive and effective model than the current marketplace provided. The Financial Crisis and the ensuing breakdown of the previous clearing and execution framework confirmed what they had predicted. On the heels of the Crisis, the founding of Trean Group as an Independent Introducing Broker (IIB) in 2010 gave the team the ability to place client business with the most appropriate Futures Clearing Merchant (FCM), thereby best serving the client’s trading needs and financial concerns. The Trean partners built their business on relationships and being a trusted solution-provider for their clients; now the firm was positioned to bring even greater resources, while adding increasing value to their client proposition.

As a fully-registered IIB with the National Futures Association (NFA), Trean Group LLC has the ability to offer our clients the best fit for technology, capital, strategy and trading among our various FCM partners; growth for Trean has been steady and consistent, with every decision based on adding experts and increasing the firm’s ability to provide guidance at every step of the Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) process. By 2016, Trean Group had industry experts in place across clearing, execution, and brokerage services.  The next addition was adding direct institutional client advisory services; Matthew Carinato joined Trean Group in 2016 to head this endeavor.

Trean Group will always put clients first, listening to their needs and forming a plan that best serves those mandates; we pride ourselves on delivering accurate, quick, and reliable responses throughout the trade process, all delivered from a single point of contact backed by the expertise and experience of our strong team.  We believe integrity and education are imperative to maintaining client relationships, and we are always looking to enhance our services and expertise to give our clients an edge in today’s dynamic marketplace.

We believe integrity is crucial in attaining client satisfaction and we will continue to strive to enhance our services to meet new demands.