Pete Kosanovich

Managing Member & CEO

Pete brings over 22 years of experience in the futures and options business.  An entrepreneur at heart, Pete founded  and ran Brisbane Brokerage, a trading pit based options brokerage firm and Thorntree Enterprises and desk based futures and options execution firm in 2004.  Pete had a vision of growing this brokerage based business by adding direct client based business and clearing services.  This vision has proven a winning combination for Trean Group and its growing client base including banks, funds, and global hedgers.

In addition to overseeing the growth of Trean Group, Pete sits on the Board of Countryside Bank NA, the Board of Percipia, LLC, a leader in hospitality networks,  the Board of Vivid Life Sciences, a founder of Alter Brewing Company, and the Chairman of the Western Springs  Transportation and Safety Commission.  Pete graduated from Purdue University and is member of the CME.